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Science of Fat Loss 

 Knowledge is Power

Thanks to 15 years of personal research by best-selling author Ari Whitten, we now understand why conventional diets rarely work for sustained, long-term fat/weight loss. (i.e., why all the  fat/weight returns over time.)     Ari has reviewed the science in his best selling book, "Forever Fat Loss".  He explains why the conventional mantra  "eat less/exercise more" -- always fails.  "The problem isn't will power," says Whitten, " it's our biology."    

Nothing Beats Knowledge Backed by Science 

   Immortal's B5 FAT BURNING TECHNOLOGY products bring Dr. Leung's Vitamin B5 discoveries  (i.e., that Vitamin B5 increases coenzyme A) to the table.  Large amounts of vitamin B5 help create more ATP (more energy supports a higher metabolism) while reducing hunger.  Oh, and by the way,  Leung tells us that ketone bodies (i.e., ketosis) results from inefficient fat burning.  With high-dose vitamin B5,  more Coenzyme-A leads to more efficient fat burning - without ketosis

IMMORTAL's new products are the perfect complements to  Ari Whitten's "effortless" forever fat loss program.  Following Ari's program will be even easier when you add vitamin B5. All without  counting calories, or worrying about carbs/fats/proteins --
and without all the pills that would otherwise be necessary.