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Dieters: 2-3 Packets daily

Bodybuilders: 4-5 Packets per workout

No Caffeine  -  No Stimulants

Our new B5 FAT BURN Technology®  products are designed for dieters, with athletes and body builders in mind.

Both ordinary vitamin B5 (Pantathenic Acid) and Pantethine are Coeyzyme A (CoA) precursors.    Dr Leung's discovery is that more available CoA in the human body leads to more energy from more efficient lipid metabolism. Products include niacin, biotin and carnitine, based on Dr. Leung's research.

Ignite your  Metabolic flame

Complete pantothenate (B5) complex + Natural HGH stimulation

About the new B5 Fat Burn Technology Power Drink Mix - Orthomolecular, all-natural, weight/hunger control. This good tasting drink eliminates the large number of pills otherwise required to achieve Leung's vitamin B5 dosage recommendations.

B5 Fat Burn Technology Drink Mix

Combines Advanced Pantothenate (B5) Complex

10,000 to 20,ooo vitamin B5"IU" equivalency - without pills.

Our products promote efficient energy production from burning fat -- while increasing workout endurance, and sustaining basal metabolism for long-lasting weight loss   - without the 20-40 or more pills otherwise required every day.

+ Proven HGH Secretion Formula

In addition to orthomolecular (high) dosages of vitamin B5 (as Quali-B®) and Pantethine (as Pantesin®),  B5 Fat Burn Technolog®y drink mix adds highly bio-available vitamin C (as Quali-C®), magnesium, MagnaPower® creatine, the amino acids lysine, arginine pyroglutamate, and more. 

The product is free of caffeine and other stimulants

  1. B5 Liposomal (Add-on)

The add-on liposomal B5 product is designed to work in conjunction with the B5 Drink Mix (or other high-dose vitamin B5).  The liposomal may help reduce the amount of ordinary vitamin B5 necessary to stay on a calorie restricted diet without ketosis. The product includes liposomal L-carnitine, niacin and biotin.