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Immortal Cell Sciences is moving into new directions. 

Pantothenic Acid as a Weight-Reducing Agent: Fasting Without Hunger, Weakness and Ketosis.

We haven't forgotten telomeres, but along with our sister company, Inteligent*Vitamin*C

our newest products promote fat burning (and thus rapid weight loss) on calorie reduced, low-carb diets,   and without the normal hunger or ketosis.  

 Using the latest nutritional science,  FAT BURN TECHNOLOGY products promote the formation of Coenzyme A.   These  modern, high-end  dietary supplements  make the high doses of panothenic acid (vitamin B5) easy to take and effective. 

The vitamin B5 research is  from Dr. Leung's 20 year-old studies on panothenic acid (vitamin B5) for the activation of Coenzyme  A,  Large dosages were found to be safe, and lead to the resolution of acne, sustained weight loss without hunger, and the technology has many peculiar side benefits that older men will notice.

 A major side-benefit is that the technology has long been known to overcome erectile dysfunction .  .  .  at  a fraction of the cost of Viagra and other pharmaceutical ED drugs.

We are still working on finding molecules called Telomerase Activators that can lengthen telomeres by  turning on these enzymes in cells to varying degrees. More

B5 Fat Burning Complex     

Immortal's  two B5  Fat Burn Technology  products are  for sustained calorie-restricted dieting without hunger. Dr. Leung's research suggests they may help dieters burn their own body fat more efficiently

1.    Fat Burning  Power Drink Mix - This good tasting drink makes  the large amounts of vitamin B5, pantothine and other nutrients easy to take  -- without pills.  (Coming soon)

3.  Liposomal B5 Fat Burn Complex
The add-on liposomal vitamin B5 produce is designed to work with high-dose vitamin B5, and may help reduce the amount of ordinary B5 necessary to stay on a calorie restricted diet without ketosis. (Available  now)

These products eliminate hunger and can produce sustained weight loss for this reason alone.  

We also recommend augmenting  our products with Red/Near Infrared Light Therapy,  a little recognized scientifically proven method for releasing fat, even stubborn fat, from fat calls.   See Are Whitten's book  "RED LIGHT THERAPY.

Immortal Cell Sciences
Announces New Fat Burning Technology product line

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