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Extending telomeres is our business

The 818 molecule is the crucial ingredient of 1Truth818.  This molecule was found to be the strongest of telomerase inducers out of searching through close to 300,000 synthetic compounds.  TAM-181 is the strongest and most effective telemorase activator, found by the scientists of Sierra Sciences and a team led by Dr. Bill Andrews.Dr. Bill Andrews is an American molecular biologist and gerontologist whose career has centered on researching for a cure for human aging. Andrews is the founder and president of the biotechnology company Sierra Sciences. In 1997, he led the team at Geron Corporation that was the first to successfully identify human telomerase”.


Dr. Andrews has spent the last twenty years focused on finding ways to assist the function of telomere maintenance. He put together a team of scientists “to search for a small molecule that would bind to the telomerase repressor, causing the body to constitutively express telomerase in the presence of that molecule”. –Wikipedia