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Extending telomeres is our business

What is Telomerase Activation?

As cells divide, their chromosomes get shorter. This is because the DNA sequences at both ends of a chromosome, called telomeres, shrink in length every time the DNA is copied.

The 2009 Nobel prize in medicine was awarded for the discovery of the enzyme telomerase  that stops telomeres from shrinking. When the enzyme is present at a high enough level,  it can make telomeres grow.

All human DNA contains the instructions for making telomerase, but these genetic instructions are turned off in most human cells.

Molecules called Telomerase Activators turn on these enzymes in cells to varying degrees. More


Liposomal Telomerase Activator w/Cycloastragenol    

Immortal's TrifecTA attacks aging from three directions simultaneously: Telomeres, Mitochondrial Aging and simulating Calorie Restriction induced Gene Expression

The new TrifecTA liposomal  anti-aging technology contains the same astralagus root extract, cycloastragenol, as other oral telomerase activation products.  The product adds other rejuvenation substances identified by science:
Aceytl-L-Carnitine,  R-Lipoic Acid and Resveratrol. 

The four primary ingredients are encapsulated in proprietary 200 nanometer Liposomes.


TAM-818 Molecule Now Available in America:

 Immortal Cell Sciences  was the first company  to bring 'Telomerase Activation Molecule '818'  to the U.S. Market.  '818' is the most powerful telomerase inducing molecule  that we know of today.